Our Mission

The Amble Youth Project works to support, guide and encourage children and young people through the various transitions of their young lives. We work to help nurture and promote steady and healthy personal development and encourage everyone to succeed and achieve their dreams and potential. It is our hope that children and young people "grow well and shine".

It is our vision that we are a source of encouragement, inspiration and care through the various stages of childhood and adolescence and a resource of support, guidance, nurture and of good times. Reflected through our work, we promote healthy living and well-being, positive relationships and supportive friendships. We believe that a fundamental need of young people is to feel safe, valued, supported, cared for and respected for their own individual uniqueness. 


Our hope is that our children and young people can safely navigate their way through their transitions of growth, be strong in their own identity and become well-adjusted, healthy young adults who are achieving their own potential. It is our aim that we can provide opportunities to help each through their personal journeys and adopt a positive outlook for their own lives and their community.


Currently we operate a programme of activities to suit different age groups, interests and meet different needs. As we steer the charity to become a stronger and more effective resource in our community to support children and young people, we hope that we can develop our links across the town as "together " we have a greater impact and investment into young lives

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